Project Based Solutions

KRANSHA Techno Corp. consultants will use proven methodologies to carry the project through various stages of its lifecycle, utilizing both off-site and client based facilities where appropriate. This approach ensures that projects of any size and complexity are reduced to manageable, predictable components with measurable results using the most cost-effective methods. Define Business Objectives and Requirements KRANSHA Techno Corp. consultants will assist clients in clearly defining the business objectives and requirements for a problem or business opportunity. This begins with a clear definition of the business issue or opportunity being explored. Once the problem or objective has been defined at a high level, a more detailed set of goals should be identified and weighted appropriately by the business sponsor of the project and the users of the system. Identify Alternative Solutions and Approaches A single problem may have multiple solutions. KRANSHA Techno Corp. provides alternative solutions to clients based on industry expertise, technical knowledge and business process acumen. These alternatives may include process improvements, technical infrastructure, application architecture, software integration, ERP package implementation, or custom application development.

Design Complex Information Systems

Whether the chosen architecture is web centric and based on a distributed computing architecture such as CORBA or a more traditional client/server “n-tiered” logical and physical architecture, detailed technical and functional designs must be documented for communication of current project direction as well as knowledge transition of the final solution.

This detailed design phase can make use of CASE tools such as Oracle Designer, or frameworks such as the Unified Modeling Language and its associated design tools such as those marketed by Rational Rose. The most critical component of this design effort is that the functional requirements be captured and translated into business processes separate from the technical requirements necessary for choosing architectures, platforms, development languages and standards, etc.

Integrate and Develop Applications

KRANSHA Techno Corp. has significant experience in the development of client/server and web centric applications. KRANSHA Techno Corp. recognizes the importance of creating maintainable solutions that work within the client’s operational environment and that all client environments are different. Understanding these concepts is key when constructing the solution in order to create a system that can be implemented and easily supported once fully transitioned. Where necessary, such as in the development of GUI interfaces and web centric or distributed computing, development will occur in small iterative steps to ensure the many pieces function together and that performance at all points (server, network, and workstation) is not jeopardized. All modules provided to clients will be fully documented and KRANSHA Techno Corp. will work diligently to ensure that knowledge is transferred to client personnel as part of the project.

Manage Projects and Teams

Information system solutions require that appropriate planning and control functions occur during all phases of a project. KRANSHA Techno Corp. provides project direction and management where the client chooses to leverage KRANSHA Techno Corp. project management experience. Effective project management starts with a detailed project schedule and continuously monitors its progress against key milestones and delivery dates. It is important to identify productivity issues early to minimize the impact on the project. This can be accomplished by proactively controlling issues when they surface and applying appropriate resources to expedite issue resolution in order of importance. The need for solid project management increases as the size and complexity of a project increases.

Test Complex Systems

In order to provide high quality systems, it is necessary to ensure that a disciplined testing strategy is utilized. KRANSHA Techno Corp. helps clients plan and execute system testing. An adequate testing strategy must contain the correct mix of unit, string, system, system integration, user acceptance, performance, and regression testing so that the progression from ensuring system components function as designed to ensuring that the application meets business needs and satisfies the users to production implementation and support occurs. Test conditions and cycles are planned to maximize coverage of business cases in the shortest amount of time and are well documented for re-use and development of training material. All system deficiencies are tracked, categorized, prioritized, and planned into a cycle of continuing application quality improvement.

Plan System Implementations

Once a system is developed, tested, and accepted by business owners and users, it must be “rolled out” or “moved into a production environment”. KRANSHA Techno Corp. assists clients as they roll out an application by helping them plan for the distribution and installation of system components, the preparation of necessary operational manuals for the production support staff, and the training of users. KRANSHA Techno Corp. will also provide clients with the appropriate length of support once a system is in production to ensure that knowledge transfer occurs from KRANSHA Techno Corp. consultants to client personnel and to protect the client investment in the resultant work of KRANSHA Techno Corp. consultants.